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Dominican U

Event Time and Date

Thursday, January 12 2017, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

The CIS 120 Proficiency Exam will be given on 1/12/17.  If this time does not meet your needs, please send an email to ealamilla@dom.edu for coordination.

Students can test out of the CIS 120 course by successfully passing 2 tests: one in Excel and one in Word.  Each test must be passed with an 80% or better.  Each test is open book, open note, and timed at 90 minutes.  The test topics can be found here: http://domin.dom.edu/cis120testtopics.htm#Excel

The test will be given on a Dominican University PC, in Microsoft Office 2016.  If the test is passed, no credit will be received - you will have your CIS120 requirement met.  If you do not pass the test, you will need to register for CIS120.  Only one attempt at the test is allowed in your career at DU.

You must RSVP for the test to ealamilla@dom.edu 

Feel free to reach out to Ellen Alamilla, ealamilla@dom.edu with any questions.


Lewis 003E

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