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Academic Enrichment Center (AEC)

The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) strives to enhance the quality of formal, informal, and experiential learning for all Dominican students (both graduate and undergraduate).

Accounting and Business Club (ABC)

A professional club that is focused on building a network of students, alumni, and professors.

American Medical Student Association Premedical Chapter of Dominican University (AMSA)

This is the Dominican University premedical chapter of the American Medical Student Association. AMSA is the largest independent organization of physicians in training in the US. All students interested in a career in the field of medicine are welcome.

Anime Stars (Anime Club)

We bring together students who enjoy or are interested in Anime to watch and discuss various types of anime.

Aquinas 2 (Residence Hall)

The awesome place where people get to know each other and positively engage each other. Let's have a good year! :)

Aquinas 3 (Residence Hall)

A place where all Aquinas 3 residents come together to laugh, love, and have fun!

Arts & Minds

Learn about events hosted by the Performing Arts Center and St. Catherine of Siena Center.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to provide educational, cultural, and social programs which relate to the past, present, and future goals of aspiring Black people.

Black World Studies Academic Club (BWSAC)

Black World Studies Academic Club is a student organization for students who are studying Black World Studies as a major or minor. As an academic program we try to bring what we learn in our classrooms and share them with the university.

Bob Ross' Happy Accidents (Improv Club)

Learn and expand your skills as an improviser. Performing Improv on and off campus will provide students with an opportunity for fun and community building skills.

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